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Hints for Healing Podcast S1; Ep14 – Supporting Students and Families with Afghan Backgrounds

In this episode, Nicole Loehr speaks with STARTTS Senior Clinician and Clinical Trainer, Nooria Mehraby. Nooria trained as a medical doctor in her native Afghanistan before completing a Master of Counselling in Australia. She has more than 30 years experience working with refugees both overseas and in Australia and that includes over 25 years working at STARTTS.

In this podcast, Nooria provides some context for the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan and explains how the situation is impacting on the Afghan diaspora around the world. Nooria also shares her tips on how educators can best support students and families at this time while also maintaining their own self-care.

Produced by Nicole Loehr. Music by R.E.M. (performed by Troy Reilly) and Eric Avery. Image supplied by Nooria Mehraby.

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