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Hints for Healing is dedicated to curating practical resources, case studies, podcasts, professional learning, interviews and research articles to support the educators and school counsellors who play an instrumental role in the recovery, resettlement and development of learners with a refugee experience.

The project began in 2008 as a quarterly e-zine that brought together case studies, interviews and articles designed to strengthen student welfare personnel’s knowledge and skills about the needs of students with a refugee experience.

In 2020, with the goal of making these resources more readily accessible to educators and school counsellors, STARTTS in Schools, together with the STARTTS Early Childhood Program collaborated to bring you the Hints for Healing website.

We sincerely welcome your feedback and suggestions for topics and content that you would like to see at Hints for Healing!

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Deb’s Digest is a quarterly in-depth article by STARTTS Psychologist and Clinical Supervisor, Deb Gould. Each season, Deb will be providing us with a detailed exploration of a topic relevant to the treatment and recovery of learners with refugee experience. Deb has worked at STARTTS since 1998 and has been involved in reflection on and treatment of a great number and variety of children and young people with refugee experience. Deb was a regular contributor to the Hints for Healing e-zine which was published between 2008-2016. Now, on the Hints for Healing Website, Deb’s Digest is back! 

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